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Azure Red Hat OpenShift Overview

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Adopting a container platform, like Kubernetes, enables IT Operators to keep up with application scale and complexity requirements. However, running containers in production with Kubernetes requires additional tools and resources. This often includes needing to juggle image registries, storage management, networking solutions, and logging and monitoring tools – all of which must be versioned and tested together. Building container-based applications requires even more integration work with middleware, frameworks, databases, and CI/CD tools.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift extends Kubernetes and combines all this into a single, fully managed and supported platform, bringing ease of operations to IT teams while giving application teams what they need to execute and manage the development lifecycle; standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, release management, and more.

How to guides

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Azure Red Hat OpenShift Roadmap

Follow the public Azure Red Hat OpenShift roadmap on GitHub.

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